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Decorate With Oriental Touch On A Budget

Want to make your living space look fabulous? Go ask an interior designer and have him transform your dream into a reality. The only thing that you will need is a large sum of cash.

But does this mean that fabulous homes are only for those people who have a lot of money to spare? The answer is definitely no!

The best and maybe the least expensive way to decorate with class is to go Oriental-style!

Here are some tips to transform your home into an Oriental haven.

1. Make use of basic furniture.

To achieve the Oriental look, home owners do not need to buy specialized or expensive furniture sets; they can actually make use of what they already have if it does not contradict Asian decor. A bare set of furniture made of wood and a black metal frame would qualify. The good thing about basic sets is that they are inexpensive.

The oriental look will be achieved by gathering Asian decorative pieces to mix and match.

2. Accessorize!

Many things may be considered in this step. The best part is that all of these accessories can be found at your nearest Asian market or the nearest Asian or Chinese communities.

- China wares

These will function both as eating utensils as well as for decoration. Tea pots and plates that have Oriental touches can be used as table accents. They are less expensive than purchasing oriental vases.

- Fabrics and posters

Instead of expensive paintings, home owners can utilize the use of Asian fabrics and Chinese posters by creating their own wall hanging. The materials needed are adhesives, bamboo sticks, red rope, posters and fabrics. Basically, bamboo sticks are attached on two opposite sides of the fabric to form a scroll. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

- Add fresh accents!

Oriental style of decorations employs a lot of fresh items. Oriental fruits like rambutans are placed in oriental trays to function as table centerpieces.

Dried bamboo shoots and hard-stemmed plants are often placed in vases in place of Western type flowers.

- Zen fountains

Aside from the Oriental touch, it will also give a feeling of tranquility to any home. You do not need to buy a Zen fountain set - you can make it yourself. A water pump, a few rocks and Asian decorative pieces are all that is needed.

With the above tips, you can achieve the Oriental elegance without spending much!


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