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Stamps 'r Us: Know Their Grade And Condition

Collecting stamps is a worthwhile if not a very lucrative hobby. But more than simply gathering them, it is just as important that their condition and grade be well determined by its collector.

Serious stamp collecting requires discipline and sufficient knowledge thereby allowing the collector to save appropriate money and time to build a strong and sufficient collection.

Believe it or not, there are available catalogs that provide an outline of a stamp's relationship between its grade and value. Even modern-day technology such as the internet offers no respite from sound stamp descriptions since some stamp faults could very well escape the eye of the scanner.

Basically, the grading and condition of a stamp is the same for all stamp collectors in any part of the world. So how does a stamp get to make that all-elusive grade?

What is a grade?

First things first, a grade involves centering, gum and cancels. It basically describes the design of the stamp and just how well the design is located right in the middle and in between the stamp's perforations.

The stamp must be looked at both vertically and horizontally on the stamp paper.

The grade of the stamps are given out similar to how a grade will be given out in an exam in schools, such as: excellent or poor.

The grades

A stamp that has been given a grade of


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